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Logistics documents are an essential part of transport operations. It is necessary to have well-written documents because logistics operations are carried across different countries and continents by many agencies to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed when transporting goods from one location to another.

Companies involved in logistics are usually large enterprises that distribute several goods. The companies may be based within one country or continent, but they often deal with international agencies that bring their shipment across different regions.

Documentation is needed to ensure that goods are transported across the regions smoothly and without any problems which might cause damage to the merchandise.

The documents need informal writing to have a legal basis, so they are essential for its operations because it is their primary responsibility.

CraftMyPDF helps companies quickly make documents using PDF templates and automate the overall PDF document generation process to make the entire process easier.

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PDF document generation made easy with CraftMyPDF

With CraftMyPDF, you can easily create and automate a wide range of important documents, including:

Packing list:

The packing list is a list that includes all the goods which are to be transported. The purpose of this document is to make it easy for the transportation agency to carry out their duties and transport the goods without delay. You can quickly create a customized packing list with CraftMyPDF.


Proforma invoice:

The proforma invoice is a document containing information about the merchandise to be transported. The purpose of this document is to provide the transportation agency with necessary information about the goods being delivered, which they can then correctly inform their superiors when they receive it.


Certificate of insurance:

The certificate of insurance is a document that provides information about the insurance on the goods, and it also includes details of how long they are valid. You can create a certificate of insurance under your brand name.


Certificate of origin:

The certificate of origin is a document that provides information about the product you are sending to your business partners. When you want to send goods to another country, you must get certificates of origin issued by that country’s embassy or consulate in your country.


Air Waybill (AWB):

The Air Waybill (AWB) is a document that provides information about the shipment of goods. It contains data such as the number and weight of the package, and it also includes details on who has to pay for taxes and other expenses related to transportation.


International Consignment Note (ICN):

The International Consignment Note (ICN) is a document that provides information about the entire shipment. It also contains data such as the carrier’s name, where it has to be delivered, and more.


Bill of lading:

The bill of lading is a document that provides information about the goods being transported. The data includes the carrier’s name, where it has to be delivered, who has to pay for taxes, and other expenses related to transportation.

Design and Create PDF documents with a Drag-and-drop Editor

CraftMyPDF’s drag & drop editor lets you design PDF templates in any browser and generate pixel-perfect PDF documents from reusable templates and JSON data.


Easy to Use
Drag & Drop Editor

Our advanced drag-and-drop template editor lets you create PDF templates easily.

We offer a wide range of components including Labels, Images, QR Codes, Barcodes, Subsections, Lines, Rectangles, Circles, HTML, and various charts.

Importing Existing PDF Files as Templates

Streamline your PDF creation by importing existing PDF as templates with preserved layout and design.

You can easily overlay or add text, QR codes, and images to existing PDFs.

Powerful Expressions & Formatting Support

Our PDF template editor supports expressions and formatting for datetime, currency and custom formatting. Learn more about our built-in functions.

Need to perform complex calculations? We also support user-defined functions using JavaScript.

Generate PDF Documents Within Your Region

A regional API endpoint is intended for customers in the same region. The data for the request and generated PDFs are processed and stored within the region.

We offer endpoints in four locations: The US, EU(Germany), Singapore and Australia.
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PDF Generation & Image Generation API

Our cloud-based API helps you to generate PDF documents or images (JPEG/PNG) .

We support synchronously or asynchronously PDF generation scale without the costs of maintenance.

Automate with Nocode or Lowcode Platforms

Our platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools such as Zapier, Make.com, Bubble.io, Coda.io, and REST API.

The no-code and low-code platforms make the process of generating PDF documents exceptionally easy and efficient.

Support of Fillable Components

With our fillable components, you can create PDF forms using our drag-and-drop editor.

We offer fillable components such as text boxes, checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, and signature fields.

Embedding of Our PDF Template Editor in Your Application

Need a PDF template editor for your users or customers? We support embedding of our PDF editor right into your application.

This gives your users more liberty to manage their documents while also reducing your development costs.

Automate PDF creation with no-code tools and PDF generation API

With our integrations with Zapier, Integromat and REST API,
Your PDF generation has never been so easy!

Sample Templates and CraftMyPDF's Template Editor

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Packing List

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A packing list with images and barcodes

Complex invoice

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Complex Invoice with multiple-level JSON(using sub-section)


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