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Seamless automation with Zapier, Integromat and REST API

A sale is a commercial exchange of goods or services for money. So along with managing the day-to-day operations in your company, you also have to keep track of what’s selling well and adjust your inventory accordingly. To run the sales department effectively, a company needs to deal with many documents.

CraftMyPDF helps companies with quick document creation using pre-made templates and automation support. With this platform, businesses can easily integrate their existing process using tools like Zapier and automate their need to create various documents to manage their supply chain and other operations.

Wondering what documents CraftMyPDF can create for your business? Then we’ve got you covered.

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PDF document generation made easy with CraftMyPDF

Below are some key documents that you can quickly start using this platform:


CraftMyPDF has several Contracts that you can use as templates to create agreements for your business. For example, if you’re selling products on eBay, you can use the Selling Online Contract.


Sales Agreements

Sales agreements are typically used to establish a business relationship. You can use the Terms and Conditions Template for Commercial Sales as a guide to creating a standard sales agreement template for your company.


Purchase Agreements

Purchase agreements are used to establish a relationship between a buyer and seller. Additionally, if the purchase includes multiple items, you can also use this document to list all of them.



If you want to create an estimate of the products or services that your business will provide, then you can use various available business services quotation templates on CraftMyPDF.



If you are receiving payment from customers, the CraftMyPDF has several receipts that you can use to keep track of the details.


Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are used to indicate the items that will be purchased. This document is typically used for bulk orders so that you can create several purchase order templates on CraftMyPDF.

Design and Create PDF documents with a Drag-and-drop Editor

CraftMyPDF’s drag & drop editor lets you design PDF templates in any browser and generate pixel-perfect PDF documents from reusable templates and JSON data.


Easy to Use Drag-and-Drop Template Editor

Our advanced drag-and-drop template editor lets you create PDF templates easily.

We offer a wide range of components including Labels, Images, QR Codes, Barcodes, Subsections, Lines, Rectangles, Circles, HTML, and various charts.

Importing Existing PDF Files as Templates

Streamline your PDF creation by importing existing PDF as templates with preserved layout and design.

You can easily overlay or add text, QR codes, and images to existing PDFs.

Powerful Expressions & Formatting Support

Our PDF template editor supports expressions and formatting for datetime, currency and custom formatting. Learn more about our built-in functions.

Need to perform complex calculations? We also support user-defined functions using JavaScript.

Generate PDF Documents Within Your Region

A regional API endpoint is intended for customers in the same region. The data for the request and generated PDFs are processed and stored within the region.

We offer endpoints in four locations: The US, EU(Germany), Singapore and Australia.
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PDF Generation & Image Generation API

Our cloud-based API helps you to generate PDF documents or images (JPEG/PNG) .

We support synchronously or asynchronously PDF generation scale without the costs of maintenance.

Automate with Nocode or Lowcode Platforms

Our platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools such as Zapier, Make.com, Bubble.io, Coda.io, and REST API.

The no-code and low-code platforms make the process of generating PDF documents exceptionally easy and efficient.

Support of Fillable Components

With our fillable components, you can create PDF forms using our drag-and-drop editor.

We offer fillable components such as text boxes, checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, and signature fields.

Embedding of Our PDF Template Editor in Your Application

Need a PDF template editor for your users or customers? We support embedding of our PDF editor right into your application.

This gives your users more liberty to manage their documents while also reducing your development costs.

Automate PDF creation with no-code tools and PDF generation API

With our integration with Zapier, Integromat and REST API,
Your PDF generation has never been so easy!









Sample Templates and CraftMyPDF's Template Editor

Click on the Editor button to see CraftMyPDF’s template editor in action

Packing List

Launch Editor | View PDF

A packing list with images and barcodes

Complex invoice

Launch Editor | View PDF

Complex Invoice with multiple-level JSON(using sub-section)


Launch Editor | View PDF

3 QRCode columns in a row

Certificate Sample 1

Launch Editor

Modern and Geometric Purple Certificate

Certificate Sample 2

Launch Editor

Bold and Dynamic Certificate

Certificate Sample 3

Launch Editor

Colourful, Fun & Celebratory Pink Certificate

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