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Welcome to the Free Online Event Badge Maker! Whether you’re hosting a conference, workshop, or any special event, our tool is designed to simplify your badge creation process.

Create professional-looking event badges effortlessly with our user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and instant download options.

No design skills required!


Get Started with Our Online Event Badge Maker Tool

Get ready to create your custom event badges in just a few simple steps with our Free Online Event Badge Maker.

Whether you’re hosting a small seminar or a large conference, our tool is designed to make badge creation effortless and efficient. Follow the followings and get started!

Step 1. Select an event badge template

Our online tool offers a wide range of templates to use as a base for designing your event badge. Choose from a wide range of templates that suit your purpose.

Step 2. Enter personalized information

Edit the details of your event badge to make it personal.

Accept PNG, JPEG or SVG

Accept PNG, JPEG or SVG

Step 3. Generate PDF Event Badge

Once you choose a template and enter the details, you are all set to generate the event badge in PDF format. Click on the 'Generate' button to generate.
Keep in mind that you can generate a total of 10 event badges within 24 hours.

Automate Personalized Event badges with No-Code or API

CraftMyPDF offers you the best free event badge generator that lets you offer an advanced No-code tool and API support to create customized event badges quickly.

With No-code such as Zapier or Make.com and API support, you can connect your Google Drive and Typeform with this tool and set up quick automation using Make.com.

Want a Customized Event Badge? Get Started Now!

Create attractive-looking PDF event badges with our drag-and-drop template editor. Add your organization’s logo, change color, and fonts to make it more personalized. Quickly add additional details that you need, and you are good to go with your badge template.

If you have an existing PDF template or a template created with Canva and want to import and overlay additional information such as names and serial numbers, you might find following tutorials useful:

Live Demo

CraftMyPDF's drag & drop editor lets you design templates in any browser and generate pixel-perfect PDF documents from pre-defined templates and JSON data.

Click the link below to check out our live demo!

Packing List

Launch Editor | View PDF

A packing list with images and barcodes

Complex invoice

Launch Editor | View PDF

Complex Invoice with multiple-level JSON(using sub-section)


Launch Editor | View PDF

3 QRCode columns in a row

Certificate Sample 1

Launch Editor

Modern and Geometric Purple Certificate

Certificate Sample 2

Launch Editor

Bold and Dynamic Certificate

Certificate Sample 3

Launch Editor

Colourful, Fun & Celebratory Pink Certificate

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