How to Generate PDF Documents with Bubble.io and CraftMyPDF

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Bubble.io is a powerful no-code platform that allows you to design, develop, run applications without writing a single line of code.

Bubble.io has a collection of plug-ins that enhance the capabilities of the platform. It allows third-party developers such as CraftMyPDF to extend the platform and add features to it.

We have built a native Bubble.io plug-in for you to integrate your applications with CraftMyPDF and generate PDF documents easily. The plug-in integrates with our services using REST API.

The actions of the plug-in are:

  • Generate PDF
  • Create Editor Session
  • List Templates
  • Create New Template From
  • Update Template
  • Delete Template

The CraftMyPDF plugin uses API Key for authentication.

In this tutorial, we are going to add the CraftMyPDF plug-in to an application and use it to generate PDF documents.

Email us at hello@craftmypdf.com to get the sample project.

We will transfer the sample project to your Bubble account. In the email please specify your Bubble account’s email and your template ID(CraftMyPDF).

Step 1: Navigate to the Plugins tab

On the Plugins tab, click on Add plugins to install the CraftMyPDF plug-in.

Step 2: Search for the plug-in

In the Filters, enter CraftMyPDF in the text field. On the right is the search result, click on the Install button to install the CraftMyPDF plugin.

Step 3: Enter the API Key

Enter your API Key in the API Key field.

The API Key can be obtained in the Integration tab in CraftMyPDF

Step 4: Create a new button in UI Builder

In the UI Builder, drag and drop a Button. Change the label of the button to Create PDF

Drag and drop a new Input to display the generated PDF.

(1) Next, name it Text Create PDF.

(2) In the Initial content field and create a new state content and set the initial content to the new state content

Step 5: Setup a click event for the button and label

Click on the last block to bind the button to an event

Step 6: Create a Generate PDF action

Firstly, click on Click here to add an action to create a new action. Then, click on Plugins and select Generate PDF

Then, select Generate PDF action, enter the Template ID and JSON data

Step 7: Set the generated PDF URL

Click on Click here to add an action to create a new action, Then select Element Actions then Set state

Next, click on the new action. In the dialog, select the element Text Create PDF, then select content for the custom state. Lastly, choose Result of step 1 and select URL

Step 8: Preview your application

Click on the Preview button to run your application


That’s it! Bubble.io is an user-friendly no-code platform, if you’ve followed the simple steps above you shall be able to generate PDF documents easily.

What’s next? Take what you’ve learned in this tutorial and create a new Bubble app using our Bubble plugin. We’re excited about the powerful connections that Bubble offers to users. As always, email us with any questions.

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